Covid-19 Safe Working

Date: 28th May 2020

We will be returning to work at the beginning of June.

COVID-19 Safe Working

In line with government guidance and following the easing of restrictions from the 11th May 2020, it is now permitted for trades to work in people’s homes. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and have shared it with all our employees.

This document sets out the measures that Glover’s Plumbing and Tiling (GP) are putting in place to ensure safe working in people’s homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will not work in any household where people are self-isolating or where household members have been asked to shield, we ask that if this applies to your household you declare this to us prior to our arrival.

Where household members include those over 70 or those who are clinically vulnerable, we ask that these members avoid any face to face contact with us, wherever possible.

Prior to arrival:

We will discuss with householders general safe working measures and any necessary measures to be in place specifically for the job to be carried out in the householder’s home.

Upon arrival:

We will call the householder upon arrival to enable doors to be opened without the need for face to face contact between GP and the householder, unless other arrangements have been agreed previously, e.g. providing access to a key.

Should face to face discussion with the householder be necessary, every effort will be made to maintain 2m distancing.

GP has a supply of masks and gloves; these can be worn at the request of the householder.

Upon arrival we will wash our hands, we ask that appropriate facilities to do so are provided, normally in the working area.

Where hand washing facilities are not available, we carry hand sanitiser to use as an alternative.

During working:

It is recognised that work in bathrooms makes social distancing impractical to operate therefore we have implemented the following:

We have established partnering, so our employees are limited to close contact with one other employee only.

Wherever possible, we will work back to back or side to side rather than face to face.

We will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) where it is appropriate for the task at hand.

We will carry out frequent handwashing/hand sanitising throughout the job, in particular after breaks or upon returning to the work area or after coughing or sneezing.

We carry a supply of tissues to maintain coughing and sneezing hygiene measures.

We will clean any frequently touched objects and surfaces with our supply of cleaning products, both before and after working.

We ask that the householder remains in a separate part of the property to the working area wherever possible to minimise any potential close contact.

We will limit movement through high traffic areas e.g. stairs/corridors, as much as possible.

We will provide our own refreshments and take any breaks as necessary outside.

Wherever possible, we will remove all waste and belongings at the end of each day and at the end of the job.

Appointments for Estimates:

We will employ many of the measures outlined above during appointments for estimates. In particular:

We will wear masks and/or gloves should this be requested by the householder.

We will wash hands/apply sanitiser upon arrival, we ask that hand washing facilities be provided where possible.

We ask that where possible, face to face discussions be limited to one member of the household and that rooms are well ventilated.

These measures will continue to be reviewed and updated as necessary as guidance changes and/or as restrictions are lifted/increased.

Many Thanks for your co-operation in these difficult times.

Glover’s Plumbing & Tiling.